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In order to meet the needs of all students, curriculum design (DSIB criteria 4) needs to be carefully thought through and many schools would benefit from vocational pathways. We have a huge amount of experience in implementing vocational pathways and can help in setting you up. We are also looking to work closely with two schools providing quality assurance.


Choose from a wide range of training sessions, pre-planned to take account of typical areas of need or allow us to plan a
bespoke training based on your needs or DSIB report.

Examples of sessions we could deliver for you are: The Role of the LSA, Developing a Creative Culture, Thinking Hard, Safeguarding or Adapting the Curriculum.


Keep a look out for our programmes that help to bring students to real life situations, linking the theory of the classroom to practice.

We will also be developing student conferences for many of the vocational subjects. We have also already helped successful events for Tourism, Business, Media and The Arts students.


Have an inspection coming up? A little too familiar with your school to see the cracks? Let us take a 2 day venture into it, in order to highlight areas of concern with some possible fixes.


We all know that the front of house is where the customer experience begins and lasting impressions are formed. Schools are no different but how many take time out to train these staff in high levels of customer service? A Mystery Shopper will help you to identify areas for development alongside some possible remedies. Mystery Shoppers can also be deployed in other types of business after an initial consultation.


Ms Sandra offers online sessions with students in Business Studies or English and can also offer online Careers Coaching sessions.  Using Zoom as a medium, the sessions are fully inter-active and current students enjoy learning.  Sessions are typically one hour and include a variety of methods.  Having 30 years of teaching experience, Ms Sandra can engage students of a variety of ages.   


Trained in Leadership Development and Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Sandra specializes in 2 key areas:

1. Helping candidates to secure their first leadership position or moving from Middle Leadership to Senior Leadership. Of particular interest are teachers, having coached teachers for almost 30 years.

2. Coaching teenagers to map out realistic career pathways with alternative options.

Coaching is not a new phenomenon. Sandra has been coaching students and staff in schools for many years. Her extensive experience means that she can easily slip between
coaching and mentoring as the need is identified. However, she has always believed in the importance of building candidates to become autonomous and independent, therefore
coaching is her preferred style.


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At Nisai, we are much more than online learning. We provide a friendly, supportive learning community and offer our students incredible opportunities. We believe that everyone has equal value and should have access to high quality education around the world.

All schools within the Nisai Group are approved by the UK’s Department for Education with OFSTED or ISI inspections. We support learners by delivering timetabled, teacher led lessons in a safe and secure environment.

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More than 50% of UAE speaks the Arabic Language!

If you would like to increase your chances of investments and businesses in the UAE, then do get in touch.

We Offer:

- Corporate training

- School/GCSE support

- Spoken/Written Arabic

- Classical/Local dialects

- Language lessons totally related to     business/school needs.

Arabic classes ONLINE for students from schools, GCSC and adults. Our courses are for all kinds of companies in the UAE and for the Expo.